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Adi Arora
Politically left, I’m a wannabe bad boy with an unusual affinity for electrons and double chocolate chip cookies. I prefer people who don’t troll, but be warned, I can troll you better!

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Barney Potts
Greetings! I’m very centrist in my political beliefs, and I am an avid Liberal Democrat supporter. I’m interested in technology, politics, and human rights. I’m also one of the people keeping the website ‘strong and stable,’ so feel free to contact me over any mistakes with the articles, or with any suggestions as to new features.
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Dhiren Sharma
Hi, I’m Dhiren Sharma. Politically, I am rather left wing and a socialist. I am a member of Young Labour. I’m also a huge Liverpool supporter, and love to play cricket!
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Harrison Kaye

Ishaan Dasgupta
Hello, I’m Ishaan. I’m probably left wing, but share some right wing views. Topics that interest me are history and modern day liberalism.
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John Crascall-Kennedy
Hi, I’m John. I have dual nationality, American and British, so I am interested by the politics of both. I am centre-left politically. Some of my hobbies are climbing, hiking, and drawing.
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Lawrence Able

Owais Iqbal
Hi, I’m Owais. I’m a socialist who is committed to help achieve social and economic equality across the globe. I’m also a Red Devil. I like writing on all sorts of topics, but particularly enjoy following both UK and Middle Eastern Politics.
Here are some of my articles

Rishiraj Das

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