By Adi Arora

Editor’s note: This is an opinion piece and views expressed in this article are not necessarily reflective of The Beehive or The Beehive’s associated writers.

Judging by the article title, I suppose you could guess my current mood. I’m sad. Not the sort of “Oh no Dominos delivered my pizza 15 minutes late” sad. Not even “I’ve lost the TV remote control in the sofa and now I don’t know where it is” sad. It’s a more profound sad. I’m sad because I feel like humanity has lost its humanity. The one unique thing about this species of animal is being marginalised, disregarded. And I think that’s a problem. And it needs to be solved. We’re dealing with a severe case here, not only of a broken system, but also of a broken world. Political systems around the world are dealing with tectonic shifts and they just serve to highlight the huge rift in a country. The rifts always existed. Recent events simply exposed them.

It angers me, because politicians don’t do anything to actually protect or better their country. They always have an ulterior motive. Take American Healthcare, for example. Obamacare’s main initiative was noble; to give cheap, but of a decent quality, healthcare to the citizens of America who couldn’t afford private care. On the other hand, Trumpcare’s objective was to abolish Obamacare. There was no thought regarding how to better Obamacare. There was no objective to give more people healthcare of a better quality. The only aim was to undermine the Democrats. Even in Congress, if a bill is proposed by any party, it will automatically get blocked by the other party, regardless of what’s in it, which seems completely ridiculous. Apparently, this is the kind of world we live in. If every time we try to push forward, we first take two steps back, how will we ever progress? People are so selfish and so motivated by personal gain that they lose sight of the true aim. Politicians thrive on admiration and on respect, to such an extent that they forget what they’ve been elected for. Politicians need to stop putting Party before country. The aim is not for people to admire, or praise you. The aim is to make the country and consequently the world, a better place. And politicians aren’t doing that.

Of course, the public hasn’t helped. We get conflicting reports from various different forms of media, and while I will refrain from using the phrase “fake news” I will say that no news is 100% accurate. There is no form of media which is completely unbiased. Every news outlet is either right or left wing biased, and it shows in their work, which is one of the reasons we don’t even attempt to say we aren’t biased. Because we are. And we are proud of that fact. The difference between us and conventional news is that we offer articles from different viewpoints. All of us have different political views, whereas this isn’t generally the case with mainstream media. But, enough advertising. When Labour Mayor of London Sadiq Khan visited the community in which Grenfell Tower was located, he was immediately hit with criticism and in one particular video, he was seen being shouted at by a lady who was a member of the community. Now, I’m going to go ahead here and give my views on this particular event. The Grenfell Tower fire was a tragedy and nothing which I say should be taken as taking away from that fact. But the blame did not lie with Sadiq Khan, and I think the residents should have recognised that fact. They wanted answers, which Mr. Khan didn’t have, mainly because the event had happened so recently. Yet, the anger was still taken out on him. Furthermore, when Theresa May was accused of “acting without humanity” what she was actually doing was being present where she was needed most, which was certainly not the scene of the tragedy, and instead made emergency funds available, amounting to £5 million. In doing so in a cool, calm and calculated way, perhaps she didn’t emanate humanity, but she showed more humanity than has been seen of a Prime Minister in a long time. My point is, politicians are no longer being scrutinized for what they do in power. Their outside lives also matter now apparently, as do their moves and actions. Every single thing they say is being so closely monitored, that it’s impossible for them to do anything without sparking “public outrage”. I don’t think Theresa May and Sadiq Khan deserved the treatment they got, but unfortunately, such is the relationship between people and powers.

At such a divided time, we need to come together as one. We need to stand together. Not just because of a tragedy, but because it’s the right thing to do. Congress should not stand together as an act of temporary solidarity, but rather through recognition that they are all fighting for one thing. Essentially, we all want the same thing. There are different ways to do it, but given the increasingly tense political atmosphere, it’s become incredibly hard to make any real progress. My point is, we need to take a step back from the everyday. Take a step back from Labour vs Tory, from Republican vs Democrat. Take a step back from personal ambition and from greed. Because perhaps, if we all did that, we could all stand together, move forward together and make the world a better place.